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CASTRADE color multi-embedded camera black CX-C71SFB-i CX-C71SFB-i

CASTRADE color multi-embedded camera black CX-C71SFB-i CX-C71SFB-i

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Output video Ultra wide angle Normal image/mirror image switchable (multi-camera) Power used: DC9-16V / Power consumption: MAX 100mA External dimensions: (W) 29.5 mm × (H) 29.5 mm × (D) 25.0 mm Main unit Weight: Approximately 30g (including main body cable)

●Eyeball structure makes it easy to install like a genuine product.The unique eyeball structure (*) allows it to be installed neatly like a genuine product on most car models. In addition, it has a special structure that prevents protrusions from appearing even if you change the direction or angle of the camera, so you can rest assured. *Utility model registered product (please be careful about similar products) ●Multi-camera function (normal image/mirror image switching function) The video output of the camera can be switched between normal image and mirror image by setting. It can be set as desired to suit the usage scene, such as mirror image output when using the rear camera, and normal image output when used as a front camera or blind camera. ●With guideline display function ●Small body & clean design The small body design allows it to be installed neatly and discreetly on any car model. ●Excellent versatility! RCA composite connection Can be used with most monitors with video input and camera input. ●Improved workability during installation Adopts ultra-fine relay connectors Adopts ultra-fine relay cables and connectors to improve workability during installation and reduce processing load on your precious vehicle. ●Safe even at night Adopts a newly developed, ultra-high-sensitivity CMOS The adoption of a newly developed, low-voltage CMOS achieves both high image quality and high sensitivity. ●Completely waterproof and dustproof specifications + reliable quality guarantee Compliant with IP67 for peace of mind and reliability, completely waterproof and dustproof specifications. CX-C71SFB complies with IP67 standard. Dust does not enter the interior and there is no harmful effect even when immersed in water at a depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes. This product requires drilling into the vehicle (drilling with a drill driver). Please contact a professional installation company for installation. Installation may not be possible depending on the environment of the vehicle in which it is installed. ●Choose a location for installing the camera that meets the following requirements. A location where a 126mm hole can be drilled 2. A location that does not interfere with the moving parts and has a depth of 18mm, 26mm x 26mm + space 3. A location where cables can be routed without interfering with the moving parts

Manufacturer: ‎CASTRADE
Model name: ‎CX-C71SFB-i
Package size: ‎20.2 x 13.5 x 5.5 cm; 280 g
Product model Number: ‎CX-C71SFB-i
Discontinued by the manufacturer: ‎No
Number of bolts: ‎16 bolts
Item weight: ‎280 g
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