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Pioneer Pioneer Power Amplifier GM-D8400 200W×4 Bridgeable Power Amplifier Carrozzeria

Pioneer Pioneer Power Amplifier GM-D8400 200W×4 Bridgeable Power Amplifier Carrozzeria

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CLASS D amplifier circuit Rated output: 100W x 4ch (4Ω)/300W x 2ch (4Ω) Maximum output: 200W x 4ch (4Ω)/600W x 2ch (4Ω) S/N ratio: 95dB Frequency characteristics: 10Hz~ 50,000kHz Current consumption: 29A

■Achieves powerful high-quality sound playback and supports high-resolution sound source playback By adopting high-quality sound parts such as a ``large-capacity acoustic power supply capacitor'' and ``low impedance coil,'' high-output and high-quality sound playback is achieved. In addition, by using carefully selected high-quality sound parts and designing a circuit board based on our own know-how, we reproduce the rich atmosphere and sense of presence of high-resolution sound sources. ■Small and compact design The compact design is small and easy to install, so it can be installed in a small space. Even when installing multiple amplifiers to match the speaker system, they can be installed in various locations within the vehicle interior, such as under the seat. ■Design that exudes a sense of luxury The design features an aluminum-like hairline that creates a sense of luxury. ■Compatible with a wide range of systems Equipped with speaker line input in addition to RCA input, it is possible to improve sound quality in a wide range of systems, including genuine ones. Not only is it possible to output 4 channels even when inputting only one system, but it is also possible to adjust the volume balance between the front and rear of the cabin.

Manufacturer: ‎carrozzeria/Pioneer
Part number: ‎GM-D8400
Product weight: ‎2.5 Kilograms
Product size: ‎21.5 x 25.2 x 6 cm; 2.5 kg
Discontinued by the manufacturer: ‎No
Pattern: ‎Single item
Accessories: ‎Main unit, installation kit (complete set), instruction manual, warranty card
Batteries included: ‎No
Batteries used: ‎No
Product dimensions (Length x Width x Height): ‎21.5 x 25.2 x 6 cm
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