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Carrozzeria (Pioneer) Car navigation screen film for CyberNavi 7V type 200mm wide AD-FL701

Carrozzeria (Pioneer) Car navigation screen film for CyberNavi 7V type 200mm wide AD-FL701

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LCD screen film for CyberNavi that improves screen visibility Compatible models: AVIC-CW900-M/CW900/CW700/CW901-M/CW901/CW700-2

・Special shape to match the monitor part of CyberNavi. This screen protection film is designed to fit perfectly as a genuine Carrozzeria option.・Uses "high-definition anti-glare film". The film scatters the outside light that comes in, reducing shine and reflections and keeping the car navigation screen easy to see. - The self-adhesive power of the special silicone resin on the back allows the film to stick to the screen. If any air bubbles remain, you can push them out with light force. - In order to apply the film beautifully, ``cloth'' and ``tape'' are useful for removing dust from the screen. It also comes with a "sponge" that can gently push out any air bubbles left on the film surface.・Special uneven processing on the film surface. It can be operated with a smooth finger slide with little resistance. - Surfaces that are touched by hands are hard coated with excellent stain and oil repellency. Another feature is that it is easy to remove dirt. - Even if the adsorption power of the film decreases due to reapplying it, you can simply wash it with water. It's not sticky either.

Manufacturer: ‎carrozzeria/Pioneer
Brand: ‎Pioneer
Model name: ‎AD-FL701
Packing size: ‎23.4 x 14.5 x 0.5 cm; 32 g
Product model number: ‎AD-FL701
Special notes: ‎Stain resistant
Product weight: ‎32 g
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