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Carmate Car Security Night Signal Flat Long Red 5LED SQ86

Carmate Car Security Night Signal Flat Long Red 5LED SQ86

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Condition: New

Country of origin: Japan

●Long body for powerful intimidation ●The "long body" allows you to see the flow of light even from a distance, increasing the intimidation effect ●Integrated type that is easy to install ●Built-in shock sensor ●Automatically stops by detecting continuous vibration before driving (patent registered) ●Automatic flashing when it gets dark. ●Solar power supply ●Built-in shock sensor ●LED color: Red ●Number of LEDs: 5 ●Lights for about 12 hours after charging for about 5 hours in direct sunlight. (When new) ●It flashes violently when it detects an impact. ●It will stop flashing if it is subjected to continuous vibrations such as when driving. *The flashing will also stop if vibration is detected within about 20 minutes after the switch is turned on. ●If no vibration is detected for about 2 minutes while the flashing is stopped, it will automatically start flashing. ●The built-in battery is a consumable item. The lifespan varies depending on usage conditions, but it is approximately 2 years (estimate), and the battery cannot be replaced. ●For safer driving, please turn off the switch when driving. ●Even if damage such as theft occurs while using this product, there will be no compensation whatsoever.

Manufacturer: ‎CARMATE
Product size: ‎2.3 x 10 x 0.9 cm; 20 g
Product model number: ‎ SQ86
Position: ‎Unknown
Product Dimensions Depth x Width x Height: ‎23 x 100 x 9 mm
Wattage: ‎1.8 W
Color: ‎Red
Product Weight : ‎20g
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