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CAPStyle One Push Hold Smartphone Holder (Large) + 2 USB & DC Socket Direct Flexible Type CH-10

CAPStyle One Push Hold Smartphone Holder (Large) + 2 USB & DC Socket Direct Flexible Type CH-10

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Japanese companies and Japanese staff develop products for the Japanese market. Produced at a partner factory in China with high-level production technology. We deliver high quality products at affordable prices. Please refer to the image for the size and weight of the smartphone that can be held. Please read "Before purchasing" below the before purchasing.

``One push hold function'' Spread the arm with your fingers until it locks and press the button on the back of the smartphone to automatically hold the smartphone. Easy & firm hold. Adopts a ball joint, which allows for a wide range of movement in swing and rotation, and can be adjusted to an angle that is easy to see. It can be firmly attached using a strong gel suction cup. (Be sure to thoroughly remove oil and dust from the target surface before installing.) Flexible arm allows you to freely adjust the angle and height for easy use. Just plug it into your car's DC socket and you can use the holder, USB power supply, and DC socket at the same time. (Cable sold separately) The USB port is equipped with a SmartIC that can automatically identify the connected device (Apple Android) and charge it with the optimal output. Compatible with 12V/24V input, it can be used not only in regular cars but also in trucks. Comes with a power confirmation LED lamp that lights up blue when the power is turned on. Equipped with a protection circuit that prevents overcharging, overdischarging, overvoltage, and overcurrent, etc., to protect your device and vehicle. Precautions for use Please read carefully before purchasing. ●This product can be used in DC12/24V negative ground vehicles. It may not be possible to use it for special car models (foreign cars, etc.) with accessory sockets. ●Depending on the car model, a voltage of 30V or more may be applied. The protection circuit of this product operates at 30V, so we recommend that you measure the voltage in advance. ●This product does not guarantee that all devices can be charged. Please note that it may not be available depending on the model. ●This product can only be used with genuine accessory (cigarette lighter) sockets. Please note that it cannot be used with retrofitted sockets. ●There is no data sending/receiving function or hub function. ●If the car model does not turn off the power to the accessory socket even if the car key is removed, this may cause the battery to run out, so please unplug this product from the accessory socket when the engine is stopped. ●The rated output of this product is 5V 2.4A per port. Please note that when charging devices that require 2.4A or more per port, the charging speed will be slower than when charging with a genuine charger. ●When charging a smartphone or tablet, it may become impossible to charge due to an OS version update. Please note. ●We cannot accept any responsibility for damage to smartphones, etc. or other electronic devices, memory damage, data loss, or electronic money malfunctions caused by USB connection. ●While using this product, noise may occur during calls or when playing car audio. This product may also generate noise. ●While using this product, the touch sensitivity of the LCD panel of your smartphone may deteriorate. Please note. ●Depending on the shape of the smartphone and cover, it may not be possible to hold it firmly regardless of whether it is placed vertically or horizontally. Do not use if you cannot hold it firmly. ●Do not use this product when driving on rough roads. The mobile device may fall and be damaged. ●Depending on the model you are holding, you may end up pressing the button on the side. ●When bending the flexible arm, do not hold the suction cup or ball joint. Hold the arm with both hands and place your thumbs in the center of the part you want to bend. ●If you feel any abnormality, please stop using it. *Specifications and appearance are subject to change without notice due to improvements. *The photo is an image. The color may differ slightly from the actual product. Safety Warning Warning ●Drivers should never operate or stare at the screen of this product or mobile device while driving ●Never disassemble or modify this product as it is dangerous ●Applicable dimensions, load capacity Do not fix anything that exceeds this limit or apply a strong load. [Places where it cannot be installed due to legal/safety reasons]●Places that may impede the deployment and effectiveness of airbags ●Places that may impede driving ●Places that may be dangerous as protrusions ●Places subject to strong impact ●Places with open flames●This product cannot be used with retrofit type sockets or sockets with play or looseness. ●Cigar lighters cannot be used in the accessory socket of this product. see next

Manufacturer: CAP Style
Brand: CAP Style
Model name: CH-10
Package size: 18.8 x 17.8 x 5.2 cm; 200 g
Product model number: ‎CH-10
Special notes: ‎Adjustable angle, rechargeable
Color: ‎Black
Certification: ‎Manufacturer's warranty
Product weight: ‎200 g
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