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KENWOOD Saisoku Navi-linked ETC2.0 onboard device ETC-N3000 KENWOOD

KENWOOD Saisoku Navi-linked ETC2.0 onboard device ETC-N3000 KENWOOD

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ETC 2.0 on-board device linked to Kenwood's car navigation system "Saisoku Navi" Compatible with ETC 2.0 services such as traffic jam avoidance at ITS spots, safe driving, disaster support information, automatic toll collection, etc. ETC card Equipped with a warning function for forgetting to insert or remove the card, and an ETC card expiration date notification function. Power supply voltage: DC12V Maximum current consumption: 0.5A or less Navigation compatible models (2018 model): MDV-Z905W/Z905, MDV-M805L/M705W/M705, MDV-L505W/L505, MDV-L454W/L405 Navigation compatible models (2017 Year model): MDV-Z904W/Z904, MDV-M805L/M705W/M705, MDV-L504W/L504, MDV-L404W/L404 Manufacturer warranty period: 1 year

Compatible with ETC2.0's new expressway toll discount "ETC2.0" service is a driving support service that provides useful information to drivers, such as traffic jam avoidance, safe driving support, and disaster support. Compatible with ETC2.0 (ITS spot), it is comfortable, safe, convenient and economical on the expressway. Caution (Disclaimer) > Please read *Please be sure to check the latest information on each manufacturer's website before ordering for detailed product information and compatibility information.

Batteries included: ‎No
Batteries used: ‎No
Brand name: ‎KENWOOD
Manufacturer: ‎KENWOOD
Product model number: ‎ ETC-N3000
Accessories: None
Package size: 21.7 x 16.4 x 5.9 cm; 500 g
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