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BURIAL Chamber Grand Slam SV Address V100 S04-01-00

BURIAL Chamber Grand Slam SV Address V100 S04-01-00

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Manufacturer: Belial Product Name: Grand Slam Muffler Product Number: S04-01-00 Product Contents ■While the shape of the sports muffler suppresses the volume compared to the chamber, the punching power, which is the advantage of the chamber, is maximized by increasing the exhaust filling efficiency. , hybrid exhaust system. Considering the durability of the muffler, we used thick iron plates for the stay and chamber body as much as possible. It has also been reinforced in various places. ●Chamber body: Black ●Silencer: Silver ●Center stand not available ●Weight roller and muffler gasket included *Carburetor settings may be required depending on the vehicle. ※The image is an image. Compatibility Address V100 PBSU001 pbxmuf ∇Beryal 20090527t-s04-01-00

Manufacturer: ‎BURIAL
Brand: ‎BURIAL
Packing size: ‎90 x 31.8 x 22.5 cm; 5.8 kg
Item model number: ‎S04-01-00
Item weight: ‎5.8 Kilograms
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