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BoosterPlug YAMAHA TDM900 | 4589971339808 | YAMAHA-B391 YAMAHA-B391

BoosterPlug YAMAHA TDM900 | 4589971339808 | YAMAHA-B391 YAMAHA-B391

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Just set it between the intake air temperature sensor and injection ECU to enrich the fuel control and improve drive performance. YAMAHA TDM900

When you install Booster Plug, you can expect the following effects. The response when opening and closing the throttle will be improved more smoothly. Torque in the low rotation range will be improved. (By improving the torque, the practical rotation range will be lowered and you can expect to improve fuel efficiency.) Knocking, pounding, etc. at high speeds will be improved. Improves idling stability Reduces afterfire that tends to occur on vehicles equipped with aftermarket mufflers *The effects described will vary depending on the vehicle condition and conditions.

Manufacturer: ‎BoosterPlug
Brand: ‎BoosterPlug
Model name: ‎YAMAHA-B391
Package size: ‎18.2 x 10.1 x 2.8 cm; 56 g
Product model number: ‎YAMAHA-B391
Product weight: ‎56 g
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