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BoosterPlug Suzuki DL 650 V-Strom (2017-) SUZUKI-9103 4589971379224

BoosterPlug Suzuki DL 650 V-Strom (2017-) SUZUKI-9103 4589971379224

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Condition: New

Compatible model: Suzuki DL 650 V-Strom (2017-)

Booster Plug is a product that solves these problems and improves drive performance by making the injection fuel richer by simply setting it between the intake air temperature sensor and the injection ECU. When you install Booster Plug, you can expect the following effects. | The response when opening and closing the throttle is improved more smoothly | Torque in the low rotation range is improved (by improving the torque, the practical rotation range is lowered and fuel efficiency can be expected to improve) | Knocking, thumping, etc. at low speeds | Stabilizes idling | Reduces afterfire that tends to occur in vehicles equipped with aftermarket mufflers | *The effects described will vary depending on the condition and conditions of the vehicle.

Manufacturer: ‎BoosterPlug
Brand: ‎BoosterPlug (Booster Plug)
Model name: ‎BoosterPlug
Packing size: ‎18 x 10.8 x 2.4 cm; 10 g
>Product model number: ‎SUZUKI-9103
Special notes: ‎For models that do not have an independent outside temperature sensor and display the temperature measured by the intake air temperature sensor on the control panel, the temperature will change after installation. The temperature will be displayed lower than the normal temperature.
Certification: ‎Exchanges will only be made if it is clearly confirmed that the product itself is abnormal.
Product weight: ‎10 g
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