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BONFORM Support Cushion Super Vibration Support Backrest 41x44cm Black 5809-08BK

BONFORM Support Cushion Super Vibration Support Backrest 41x44cm Black 5809-08BK

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Condition: New

Size: 41X44cm Material: (side material) polyester (filling material) low-resilience urethane foam A support cushion for the back that transmits comfortable vibrations. Power specifications: 5V/0.2A/1W There are 3 types of vibration patterns.

●USB connection type, can be used at home or office ●The vibrator vibrates when the power is turned on! Feels good on your back and waist ●You can use it anywhere by inserting a plug! USB connection type ●With 3-stage rhythm adjustment switch Safety warning [Precautions for use] *Please use the USB port or USB power adapter of a car, computer, mobile battery, etc. that is guaranteed to supply power of 5V 0.2A or more as the power source. Please use it. *Depending on the performance and specifications of the power supply device and USB power adapter, it may not be possible to use it. In that case, please use another USB port or USB power adapter. *To prevent you from forgetting to turn it off, the power will turn off automatically after approximately 15 minutes have passed since you turned it on. If you want to continue using it, turn it on again. *There are individual differences in sensation. If you feel any abnormality or discomfort in the area where you use this product, please stop using it immediately. *If it interferes with driving, please stop using it. *Make sure to firmly insert the USB connector all the way. *When unplugging the USB connector, be sure to hold the USB connector and not the cord. *Unplug the USB connector from the USB port when not in use. *Operation cannot be guaranteed when used simultaneously with other USB devices. *Do not install on child seats or junior seats. *Do not touch this product with wet hands. Also, do not get this product wet. Doing so may cause injury or malfunction. *Please do not subject this product to strong impact. Doing so may cause damage or malfunction. *Keep this product, cord, and controller switch away from places that generate high temperatures. *Please never disassemble or modify this product. Doing so may cause injury, malfunction, or fire. *If something goes wrong, immediately unplug the USB connector from the USB port. *If it gets dirty, please wipe it gently with a wet towel. At that time, please do not rub forcefully. *Depending on usage conditions, color may transfer to other items due to strong friction. *Parts exposed to direct sunlight may discolor due to long-term use. *Please be careful not to bring it close to fire. *Please note that our company cannot be held responsible for any accidents caused by incorrect use of this product.

Manufacturer: BONFORM
Package size: 45.9 x 43 x 11.5 cm; 850 g
Product model number : ‎5809-08BK
Special Notes: ‎Super Vibration
Color: ‎Black
Certification: ‎180 days after purchase
Product Weight: ‎850 g
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