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BLITZ PowerThro Power & Throttle Controller BPT08 for C-HR/Auris/Corolla Sport 8NR-FTS BPT08

BLITZ PowerThro Power & Throttle Controller BPT08 for C-HR/Auris/Corolla Sport 8NR-FTS BPT08

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- In addition to the "throttle control" function that allows you to freely control the accelerator response, the next-generation electronic part "Power Throttle" can also increase power. ●Product composition includes a controller that uses a highly visible VA liquid crystal display, a slow control unit, a power unit, and a harness specific to each vehicle model. A vehicle-specific package that includes everything necessary for installation. ●Controls the boost pressure of turbo cars or the air flow sensor voltage of NA cars using Blitz's proprietary technology. Achieves an increase in actual horsepower in any specified accelerator opening range. In addition, it is equipped with a "smart mode" that feeds back the engine load factor based on boost pressure and airflow voltage to the throttle controller and reflects it in the throttle controller's control. ●The slot control function comes standard with a total of 25 modes: ``Eco Mode,'' ``Sports Mode,'' ``Auto Mode,'' and ``Smart Mode.'' With a variety of modes with different control methods and characteristics, you can achieve the feeling that suits your preferences. ●In addition to the standard 25 modes, there is also a "scramble mode" that increases the ratio to the maximum (option required). ● Added "Start Control System (SCS)" function by connecting optional harness sold separately. It is possible to maintain the canceled state of the idling stop function or to maintain the initial mode of SI Drive/Drive Mode Select as desired. ●Equipped with a safety function that immediately returns to the normal circuit if a problem occurs with the power supply wiring. Precautions for use: The compatible models listed in the title are examples. Before ordering, including the latest information, please be sure to check whether the "Code No." and the corresponding year, model, grade, etc. are compatible with the "Compatibility Table by Vehicle Model".

Manufacturer: Blitz Brand: Blitz Model name: BPT08 Packing size: 27.6 x 16.5 x 6.8 cm; 660 g
Product model number: ‎BPT08
Discontinued by the manufacturer: ‎No
Product weight: ‎660 g
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