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BLITZ ThroCon / Throttle controller for imported cars ATSL2 Audi Volkswagen ATSL2

BLITZ ThroCon / Throttle controller for imported cars ATSL2 Audi Volkswagen ATSL2

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・Number of modes: 20 modes ・Controller: VA type LCD 7-segment display ・Model for imported cars only ・Coupler on installed ・Cancel setting when reverse is possible (option required) Manufacturers listed in the title are representative ones.
Compatible product numbers vary depending on the manufacturer and vehicle model, so please be sure to check the compatibility table by vehicle model and confirm the compatible year, model, grade, etc.

Product Information ●A controller that can freely control the accelerator response of vehicles equipped with electronically controlled throttles. Blitz's unique control eliminates sluggishness when starting, provides sharp response, and achieves eco-driving. ●Product composition includes a controller that newly adopts a VA type liquid crystal display with high visibility, a main unit, and a harness for each vehicle model. A vehicle-specific package that includes everything you need for installation. ●Equipped with a total of 20 modes including "Eco mode", "Sports mode", and "Auto mode" as standard. With a variety of modes with different control methods and characteristics, you can achieve the feeling that suits your preferences. For hybrid vehicles, a ``hybrid model'' is available in which the control ratio has been changed to a special setting. ● Equipped with a "simple mode function" that displays only the 5 most frequently used modes from among 20 modes. By setting them in advance, you can save time when selecting modes. ●In addition to the standard 20 modes, there is also a "scramble mode" that maximizes the ratio (option required). ● Added "Start Control System (SCS)" function by connecting an SCS harness (sold separately) (option required). It is possible to maintain the canceled state of the genuine idling stop, or to maintain the initial mode of SI drive and drive mode select as desired. ●Equipped with a safety function that immediately returns to the normal circuit if a problem occurs with the power supply wiring. Precautions for use *When using the "scramble" mode, a separate optional part "scramble switch (14799)" is required. If the switch is not installed, "scramble" mode will not be available, but other features will function normally. *This product can only be installed on vehicles that have a genuine electronically controlled throttle. *This product is not a product that increases the maximum output (power) of the vehicle.

Manufacturer: Blitz Brand: Blitz Model name: ATSL2 Packing size: 16.7 x 13.8 x 6.6 cm; 380 g
Product model number: ‎ATSL2
Product weight: ‎380 g
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