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Bike Parts Center Muffler Type S Jog 3KJ Yamaha Jog 2020

Bike Parts Center Muffler Type S Jog 3KJ Yamaha Jog 2020

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[Reference compatible models] Yamaha: Jog 3KJ/3YK/3RY Aprio 4JP/4LV Axis 503VP For vehicles whose model number starts with SA, such as Aprio, which starts with SA11J, and Jog ZR, which starts with SA13J. is not compatible. Gasket not included. Muffler that is quiet and complies with exhaust gas regulations Brand: Bike Parts Center

Reference Compatible Vehicle Model Yamaha Genuine compatible type muffler for Yamaha vehicles Popular muffler with excellent cost performance! ! Type S's S is. SILENT's S Yes, it is quiet. Once you ride it, you'll realize how quiet it is. It's clogged. It's rusted and has a hole. If that's the case, replace it! ! Vehicle name Model Jog 3KJ / 3RY Jog Poche 3KJ Aprio 4JP Aprio II 4LV Jog Z 3YK Jog ZR 3YK Axis 50 3VP

Manufacturer: Bike Parts Center Brand: Bike Bike Parts Center
Model name: 2020
Packing size: 75 x 15.2 x 14 cm; 2.68 kg
Product model number: 2020
Product weight: 2.68 Kilograms
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