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Bike Parts Center Multi-reflector headlight for Yamaha vehicles

Bike Parts Center Multi-reflector headlight for Yamaha vehicles

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[Reference compatible models] For Yamaha cars General purpose product 180 XJR400 etc. General purpose product Multi-reflector headlight Light case not included Weight: 774 g Brand: Bike Parts Center

[Product name] General-purpose Φ180 multi-reflector headlight ASSY for Yamaha vehicles [Product code] 31-31-01 [Product details] With conventional cut lenses, loss of light distribution and lens deterioration can have a major impact on appearance and performance. affect. Multi-reflector lenses have a complex reflector at the rear of the lens that efficiently illuminates the front, providing benefits such as increased brightness. Best of all, having clear lenses will significantly tighten up your appearance! If your normal lenses are yellowing or cracked, please change to his multi-reflector lenses! ■Lens diameter: approx. 180mm ■Installation length: approx. 200mm ■Depth: approx. mm ■Valve model: H4 [Compatible models] General purpose product (for Yamaha vehicles such as XJR400)

Manufacturer: ‎Bike Parts Center (Bike Parts Center)
Brand: ‎Bike Parts Center
Package size: ‎19.8 x 19.4 x 16.4 cm; 773.99 g
Product model number: ‎31-31-01
>Position: ‎Front
Product weight: ‎774 g
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