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BigOne Motorcycle 140km LED Speedometer Black Indicator 60mm Mechanical 10805

BigOne Motorcycle 140km LED Speedometer Black Indicator 60mm Mechanical 10805

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[Specifications] Speedometer LED backlight/LED indicator [Set contents] Speedometer body...1 pc/Meter stay...1 pc/Wiring diagram...1 pc [Compatible models] Dax Claire Scoopy Zoomer TW225 Dragster 1100 Classic FTR223 Eliminator 125 Estrella Dragster 1100 TW200 Vino *Installation and instruction manuals are not included. *As this is an imported product, there may be some damage during the manufacturing process or during transportation.

Product Description High performance LED speedometer with 4 indicators Equipped with a black multi-function indicator to instantly check the status of your car 140 km display Total of 4 LED indicators: mechanical speedometer, high beam lamp, neutral lamp, oil lamp, direction indicator lamp It can also be attached to the steering wheel with a stay that comes with a variety of display functions that allow you to clearly understand the current situation. The wiring is 500mm to 600mm, so there is flexibility in installation. The white needle on the black panel is highly visible and allows you to instantly understand the condition of your car. The panel color with blue letters appearing on the black panel is the very popular black, which makes the car body even more toned and gives it a sharp appearance. The monochrome-style meter with white needles looks good on any color of car body. The backlight is blue, so the image changes completely when running at night, and the white needles and letters change to bright blue, creating a wonderful night run.Size: Meter Rim Diameter: Approximately 67mm Meter Body Diameter: Approximately 60mm Meter Depth Approximately 50mm Wiring length Approximately 500mm to 600mm Meter set 1 12V speedometer General-purpose installation stay... 1 pc Spacer for installation stay... 1 pcs Wiring diagram 1 Installation method Replacement with the meter you are currently using. To install it, just fix it to the handle, but since there are a lot of wires, please have someone who can understand wiring diagrams do the work. If you are not confident in installing it, please ask your local bike shop. If a problem occurs due to installation work done by yourself, it will not be covered by the warranty. *Please prepare bullets and couplers required for installation separately. Compatible with many car models Since it is a general purpose product, it is compatible with many car models as long as it is 12V. Even the listed car models may not be compatible depending on the custom specifications. Recommended installation model example Compatible with Honda cars, etc. Ape 50 Ape 100 Zoomer XR50 Motard CB400SS CL400 GB400TT Spacey 100 125 Reed 50 90 100 Rebel Magna 250 Steed 400 600 Shadow 400 600 VRX400 Compatible with Yamaha vehicles etc. BW'S 50 100 BJ Jog JOG ZR Z Z2 Aprio Gear C VINO Grand Axis 100 Cygnus XSR TW200 TW225 Bronco SRV250S Lunessa Sero 225W SE Low 250 Tricker GX250 GX400XS250 SR400 SR500 SRX400 SRX600 Glass Tracker Big Boy Bang Bang 200 Volty Tempter ST250E GSX400EGSX400T GSX400L Maroda 125 250 Desperado

Manufacturer: ‎ Big-One
Part number: 10805
Product size: 6.2 x 6.7 x 6.7 cm
Material: Stainless steel
Product dimensions (Length x Width x Height) : ‎6.2 x 6.7 x 6.7 cm
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