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BeatSonic [Beat Sonic] For domestic cars [FM/AM Dolphin antenna] WR Blue Mica [02C] [Model number] FDA81-02C

BeatSonic [Beat Sonic] For domestic cars [FM/AM Dolphin antenna] WR Blue Mica [02C] [Model number] FDA81-02C

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Condition: New

Accessories: M4, M5, M6 screws Alcohol cleaner Pattern Instruction manual Compatible models SUBARU IMPREZA

Color: WR Blue Mica [02C]

Reception frequency: FM (76.0MHz) ~90.0MHz) AM (530KHz~1,710KHz)
Antenna type: Helical coil type
Coupling method: Connected to the antenna boss
External dimensions: 176 x 86 x 66 (H) mm
Fixing method: Surface adhesive method (double-sided tape) Mountable pole screws: M6/M5/M4 screws

●A kit to replace the pole antenna with a streamlined antenna. - Dolphin antenna can be installed on cars that only have stick antennas - To install, just connect the cable to the antenna boss and cover it (fixed with double-sided tape) - Remove the antenna in a multi-story parking lot or car wash, No need to knock it down. Precautions for use Depending on the radio wave conditions, the sensitivity may be weaker than that of a pole antenna. •Double-sided tape may not adhere well to vehicles that have been body coated. Be sure to mask the area other than the adhesive surface (the outside of the dolphin antenna), and remove only the body coat on the adhesive surface with a commercially available compound (fine) before adhering. •Make sure to securely secure this product and connect accessories and cables. If the fixing or connection is insufficient, this product may not function properly, or it may come off or fall. •Do not install the dolphin antenna if the surface to which it is attached will touch a solar panel, sunroof, rail, groove, step, etc. This will reduce the adhesive strength of the antenna. •Please install, use, and request work on this product at your own discretion and responsibility. •When installing this product, the body may be dented, so please be very careful. •This product has the same level of reception sensitivity as the genuine product, but the sensitivity is not guaranteed. *Sensitivity may decrease depending on reception conditions. *The above content also applies to FM-VICS reception. (Excluding navigation systems that do not use radio antennas) ●Regarding communication type antenna replacement • Honda InterNavi (link up free) can be replaced with a dolphin antenna. •Toyota Dealer Option Navigation's G-link system and G-BOOK can be replaced with a dolphin antenna. • Do not replace the G-Link system or G-BOOK antenna on the Toyota manufacturer-installed navigation system (Celsior, Crown, etc.) with a Dolphin antenna, as this may violate Article 4 of the Radio Law. *If you remove the communication module (DCM) and make it unusable, you can replace it with a dolphin antenna.

Manufacturer: ‎Beat-Sonic
Brand: ‎Beat-Sonic
Product size: ‎26.92 x 12.62 x 9.8 cm; 4.29 kg
Product model number : ‎FDA81-02C
Product dimensions: Depth x Width x Height: ‎26.9 x 12.6 x 9.8 cm
Color: ‎Blue Mica
Product weight: ‎4.29 Kilograms
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