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BEAMS Full Exhaust Muffler Muffler SS300 Carbon B128-08-000

BEAMS Full Exhaust Muffler Muffler SS300 Carbon B128-08-000

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Compatible models ZOOMER Fi AF58-170

- SS300's unique bulkhead structure successfully balances the contradictory conditions of pleasant sound and quietness, and easy-to-handle mid- to low-speed torque without sacrificing high-speed range. No additional work is required for installation, and by thoroughly pursuing the convenience and durability of a standard product, you can easily enjoy customization. In addition, the volume and output characteristics can be adjusted in 3 levels by simply replacing the standard baffle that is already installed with the optional semi-racing baffle. ●Specifications Exhaust pipe (SUS304 stainless steel polished finish) Silencer (stainless steel/titanium/carbon) *When using a down type muffler, we recommend installing reinforced suspension etc. to prevent contact with the road surface. ●Volume 83db or less (when STD baffle is installed) Safety standard volume compliant 89db or less (when semi-racing baffle is installed) Safety standard volume compliant (optional) 92db or less (when baffle is not installed) Safety standard volume compliant *Be sure to use the baffle when driving on public roads Please put it on. When driving without a baffle installed, there is a risk that the volume may not comply with safety standards depending on the usage situation, period of use, or volume measurement conditions. *The above volume may differ slightly depending on the car model. ●Accessories Standard (STD) Baffle (already installed) Gasket (excluding some parts) BEAMS aluminum emblem mounting bracket complete instruction manual Note (Disclaimer) > Please read *The published photos are actual due to changes in manufacturer specifications, etc. It may be different from the product. Please note.

Manufacturer: ‎BEAMS
Brand: ‎Beams
Model name: ‎B128-08-000
Package size: ‎66 x 31.4 x 18.2 cm; 3.72 kg
Product model number: ‎B128-08-000
Product weight: ‎3.72 Kilograms
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