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Asahi Windshield (AF ASAHI) Windshield Cross Cub 110 (8BJ-JA60) CUB-F3-C

Asahi Windshield (AF ASAHI) Windshield Cross Cub 110 (8BJ-JA60) CUB-F3-C

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Condition: New

Blocks strong winds from the front and provides clear visibility! Compatible car model: Cross Cub 110 (8BJ-JA60) Material: Polycarbonate resin/Color: Clear Size: Height 435mm/Width 390mm/Thickness 2.5mm M6-02 knuckle visor and Can be installed simultaneously

Prevents rain and wind! If you encounter strong winds or rain while driving and it hits your face or chest directly, it can be difficult to drive, but if you have a windshield, it will protect you from the rain and wind, making driving easier. I don't get tired! When you are exposed to rain and wind while driving, fatigue accumulates. A windshield will greatly reduce fatigue. Prevents the cold! It can block cold wind, preventing you from getting cold and losing body temperature. It will repel insects! Blocks insects that hit you directly while driving. It protects you from insects, so you can drive safely and comfortably. The windshield is model specific, so it can be easily installed by bolting on. Caution regarding the windscreen's reflection and condensation The motorcycle's windscreen becomes a concave mirror, and the reflected and condensed sunlight may generate heat, deform or damage the vehicle or cover. When parking, be careful not to expose the windscreen to direct sunlight.

Manufacturer: Asahi Seiki Seisakusho
Model name: Windshield
Package size: 47.1 x 46.2 x 8.9 cm ; 1.69 kg
Product model number: ‎CUB-F3-C
Exterior condition: ‎Polycarbonate
Position: ‎Front
Certification: ‎None
Product weight: ‎1.69 Kilograms
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