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ALPINE X 18cm separate 2-way speaker X-180S

ALPINE X 18cm separate 2-way speaker X-180S

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Full model change of DD Linear for the first time in 14 years 18cm size (diaphragm) 1.49 times larger than 17cm size Contents: 2 tweeters / 2 woofers / required wiring Compatible with high-resolution sound Please check the manufacturer's website for compatibility

■Uses a ``nanofiber diaphragm'' that reproduces sound with a distinct outline.A ``nanofiber diaphragm'' has been newly developed for use with woofers. The diaphragm is finished with high density using the latest technology to miniaturize the material, achieving improved sound propagation speed and internal loss. It produces a clear response to each note and a pleasantly clear sound, giving the impression that the sound is coming from the space. ■Uses a "carbon graphite diaphragm" that precisely differentiates sound The tweeter's diaphragm is made of carbon graphite, which is sometimes used in high-end home audio. The lightweight, high-rigidity material significantly improves the elastic modulus and sound speed of the diaphragm, allowing you to distinguish every difference in sound down to the smallest detail. ■Uses an "ultra-high-density radial ring magnet" that powerfully captures sound.We have developed a voice coil made of lightweight, high-density copper-clad aluminum square wire that is 35mm large, the largest in its class. Achieves sound that follows forever by suppressing distortion. Furthermore, when combined with ultra-quenched extruded neodymium magnets using high-density (nanocrystalline) technology, it produces a powerful and sharp sound. *ALPINE's X series is the only speaker in the same class that has a 35mm voice coil. (As of September 2018) ■A design that gives you a sense of strength and a spacious soundscape The newly developed speaker design is reminiscent of a combination of precision-cut parts in the details of the woofer and tweeter, giving a sense of mass and tension. Expressing strength through modeling. Furthermore, the woofer has a ring motif with a bicolored phase plug and a frame design that emphasizes the image of supporting powerful sound, expressing the spaciousness of the sound that creates space. The network design also has a unified motif with gold decoration. The hairline finish gives it a luxurious feel. ■Uses an 18cm diaphragm, which is 1.48 times larger than a 17cm diaphragm, which is 1.48 times larger than a 17cm area.■Compatible with high-resolution audio.Compatible with high-resolution audio with high sound quality. I am. Alpine recommends products that comply with Japan Audio Enhancement's Hi-Resolution definition by branding them with the Hi-Resolution Audio logo. The logo is a registered trademark. Caution (Disclaimer) > Please read *Please be sure to check the latest information on each manufacturer's website before ordering for detailed product information and compatibility information.

Manufacturer: ‎Alpine
Brand: ‎Alpine
Model name: ‎X-180S
Packing size: ‎40.3 x 22.1 x 15.8 cm; 2.31 kg
Product model number: ‎X-180S
Discontinued by manufacturer: ‎No
Wattage: ‎180 W
Frequency band: ‎22Hz-66kHz(-10dB)
Rated input: ‎45 Watts
Maximum input: ‎180 Watts
Product weight: ‎2.31 Kilograms
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