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ALPINE Perfect fit for Nissan HCE-B110V/HCE-B053 KTX-N10B

ALPINE Perfect fit for Nissan HCE-B110V/HCE-B053 KTX-N10B

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ETC onboard equipment, 2-piece set of parts specifically for built-in vehicles. HCE-B110V comes with a VICS optical beacon antenna. The ETC onboard device is also equipped with driving support and road traffic information provision functions. Compatible with HCE-B110V and HCE-B053 installation. KTX-Y20B and KTX-Y10B are compatible with Toyota vehicles, and KTX-N10B is compatible with Nissan vehicles.

●Built-in mounting bracket for DSRC unit: HCE-B110V, ETC unit: HCE-B053 Precautions for use ●For compatible vehicle models, etc., please refer to the manufacturer's website.

Manufacturer: Alpine
Brand: Alpine
Package size: 22.8 x 13.4 x 3.1 cm; 50 g
Product model number: ‎ KTX-N10B
Product weight: ‎50 g
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