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All balls 26 - 1282 Carburetor repair kit (26 - 1282 YAMAHA YZ250 F 2004)

All balls 26 - 1282 Carburetor repair kit (26 - 1282 YAMAHA YZ250 F 2004)

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The carburetor repair kit comes with all the necessary components to repair two ATV models; 2 Carburetor Carburetor kit includes everything O-ring, gasket, screw, float seat; bowl screw, float valve needle; OEM jet size mix, jet, needle, kit ring included Ethanol and rubber gasket NBR resistant, uses NBR rubber material for superior resistance to all today's fuels The included configuration kit is free for non-US models when attempting to install the kit Upgrade to high-performance interface with applications based on models Paper bowl gaskets use only Float gasket material Offload

All Ball Carburetor Repair Kit 26-1282 Yamaha YZ250F 2004 Carburetor Repair Kit consists of all the necessary components. ATV models are equipped with it. Two carburetor restoration consists of two carburetor components. Everything contained in the kit, O-rings, gaskets, jets, needles, mixed screws, float bowl screws, float valve needle and seat. OEM jet size included in kit. NBR rubber material is used in all O-rings, and rubber NBR gaskets offer excellent resistance to ethanol in today's fuels. Paper bowl gaskets that upgrade application performance are made of float interface gasket material. The component kit is included off-base for US models and it is determined that the kit will be installed on non-US models. Intended for off-road use only.

Manufacturer: ‎All Balls
Brand: ‎All Balls
Model name: ‎26-1282
Product size: ‎8.89 x 1.27 x 13.46 cm; 35 g
>Product model number: ‎26-1282
Discontinued by manufacturer: ‎No
Original product number: ‎Yamaha YZ250F 2004
Product dimensions: Depth x Width x Height: ‎8.9 x 1.3 x 13.5 cm
Color: ‎Silver
Product weight: ‎35 g
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