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ALCAN HANDS Speedometer Cable Mesh CB400F 74- N125SM

ALCAN HANDS Speedometer Cable Mesh CB400F 74- N125SM

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Condition: New

Compatible models: CB400F 74-

A speed (tach) meter functions by physically transmitting the rotation of the drive sprocket using a ``meter cable.'' Cables (wires) are generally known as traction cables (wires), but meter cables are rotating cables (wires) for power transmission. Since this is a part that directly transmits torque using a rotating shaft, it is subject to severe wear and tear. Therefore, it is an essential item for regular maintenance and replacement parts. ALCANhands' meter cables include a speedometer cable and a tachometer cable. In order to minimize the coefficient of wear, we independently procure inner parts with low resistance. No matter how you handle it, smooth rotation ensures accurate measurements and long-term use.

Manufacturer: ALCAN HANDS
Package size: 39.79 x 17.8 x 1.3 cm; 230 g
Product Model number: ‎N125SM
Product weight: ‎230 g
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