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Alba jog type 220mm reinforced rear shock (red) 902-0003

Alba jog type 220mm reinforced rear shock (red) 902-0003

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Compatibility: [3YK] Super Jog Z, [3YK] Super Jog ZR, [3YJ] Jog, [3KJ] Met in Jog, [4JP] Aprio, [4LV] Aprio EX, [4LV] Aprio Type-II, [ SA11J] Aprio ・[5AU] VINO ・[SA10J] VINO ・Basic Jog (BJ) ・[2JA] Jog ・[27V] Jog ・[5EM] Jog ZII ・[5BM] Jog C Axis 50・[3CP] Rear shock for jog sports ・[5.2pc] Rear shock for Champ ・[3RY] Rear shock for jog ・[5KN] Rear shock for remote control jog ・[5SU] Remote control jog ・[3YJ] Jog ・[2EX] Jog ・[3KJ] Jog Poche

●Spring color from 230mm general-purpose rear shock (bolt spacing): Red Compared to the stock, the spring rate has been increased by approximately 10%. Precautions for use ●The shape of the mounting part may differ depending on the model year of the vehicle. Just to be sure, please check with the actual vehicle. Also, the length may vary slightly depending on the vehicle. The length of this product is 230mm.

Manufacturer: ‎Alba
Brand: ‎Alba
Model name: ‎902-0003
Packing size: ‎28 x 20 x 6 cm; 1 kg
Product Model Number: ‎902-0003
Position: ‎Back
Item Weight: ‎1 Kilograms
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