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ADIO Fenderless Kit with Slim Reflector Cygnus X (18-)

ADIO Fenderless Kit with Slim Reflector Cygnus X (18-)

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Condition: New

Compatible model: Cygnus X (type 5) SED8J 18/11-

Cygnus X (Type 5) SED8J Slim reflector specification Yamaha Cygnus X Type 5 (SED8J) Lacy fenderless kit with separate left and right types Yamaha Cygnus The styling has changed significantly, including LED headlights and taillights, giving it an even more sporty look. This is a fender removal kit that makes this Cygnus X more stylish. Separate left and right number stays and separate reflector tar stays. Just remove the genuine rear fender and replace it with the kit's stay. No drilling or cutting required, just replacement and installation. Simple and active rear style with no fenders Yamaha Cygnus X has undergone minor changes with advanced styling. Styling with a refined sportiness. However, the large rear fender gives the rear styling a bit of a heavy impression. Simply remove the genuine rear fender and install the Adio fender removal kit to create a simple and active rear view. It also comes with a wire cover, so it also has good security performance. Symmetrical separate number stay The number stay has separate left and right sides and is very lacy. His design is sharp and clean and matches the body perfectly. A center plate is also included to improve the appearance. There are two types of reflector stays: one that uses the genuine reflector and one that comes standard with a slim reflector. The reflector stay is separate, so it is also possible to remove it. Precautions when installing: - Depending on the vehicle, resonance noise may be produced. If necessary, attach anti-vibration rubber or sponge. - There is a possibility that the number stay and vehicle wiring may come into contact. Please protect the wiring in the contact area with vinyl tape, etc.・Even if the model is the same SED8J, please use the model 4 model for vehicles manufactured before November 2018.

Manufacturer: ADIO Brand: ADIO Model name: Cygnus X (18-) Packing size: 16.4 x 15.2 x 5.8 cm; 520 g
Product model number: ‎BK41232
Position: ‎Back
Certification: ‎None. Available on a case-by-case basis.
Product weight: ‎520 g
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