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ADIO Fenderless Kit GROM [125] (June 2013-) Model: EBJ-JC61 BK41113

ADIO Fenderless Kit GROM [125] (June 2013-) Model: EBJ-JC61 BK41113

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Condition: New

Compatibility: Model: EBJ-JC61
Note: MSX cannot be installed Applicable: GROM [125] (June 2013 -)

Product introduction: Just the right size Grom for a 125cc transmission vehicle. This is a fenderless kit that makes its lightness even more prominent. The Grom has a small and concentrated design, but the rear fender extends downward and lacks a cohesive feel. By removing the genuine rear fender and relocating the license plate, a clean and well-balanced style is achieved. The mounting position of the number stay and turn signal is adjustable front and back. ■Fender-less, sleek rear style Simply remove the genuine rear fender and replace it with the kit's number stay to create a very light and sporty style. The turn signal also eliminates the sense of discomfort as it is placed above the license plate. In addition, the license plate and blinker positions each have an adjustment mechanism, allowing for customization such as replacing the muffler. The reflector stay is also separate and removable. Adjustments can be made to suit your custom needs. ■Front and rear sliding adjustable number stay Just loosen the two bolts that hold the number stay in place, and the license plate and blinker will slide approximately 50mm back and forth. Please adjust so that the muffler and turn signal do not interfere. The adjustment mechanism also allows you to replace the muffler with an aftermarket product. ■The turn signal can be adjusted in 3 steps forward and backward The position of the turn signal can also be adjusted in 3 steps forward and backward. There are 3 holes in the number stay for fixing the turn signals, so you can choose the mounting position according to your preference and matching with the muffler. You can enjoy various styles with the front and rear slide adjustment mechanism. Precautions for use - Depending on the vehicle, resonance noise may be produced. Attach anti-vibration rubber or sponge if necessary.・Since the shape of the blinker fixing part is different on the Thai version MSX, it cannot be installed. If you install it, you will need to replace it with a turn signal for Grom or modify the stay.

Manufacturer: ADIO
Brand: ADIO
Package size: 23.5 x 21.3 x 7.1 cm; 978 g
Product model number: BK41113
Position: ‎Back
Color: ‎Black
Product weight: ‎978 g
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