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ADIO Fender Eliminator Kit Black ADDRESS V125S (August 2010-) [Address] BK41302

ADIO Fender Eliminator Kit Black ADDRESS V125S (August 2010-) [Address] BK41302

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Condition: New

Color [Color]: Black
Processing [Yes/No]: Yes (genuine rear fender cut)
Compatibility: Model EBJ-CF4MA Application: ADDRESS V125S (August 2010 -)

Fenderless kit (number stay) compatible with Suzuki Address V125S/S Limited This is a stay kit for cutting the genuine rear fender and installing a license plate. By eliminating the rear fender, the rear view becomes cleaner and smarter. Simple stay shape with excellent cost performance. It has a light rear view that matches the lightweight Address V125S. Can be installed commonly on V125S and V125S Limited. ■Fender-less and sleek rear style Address V's selling point is its lightweight and compact body. However, the genuine rear fender is fitted with a large one that extends all the way to the bottom. By cutting out this genuine rear fender and installing the number stay, you can achieve a simple and clean rear view. ■Special design for Address V125S Apart from Address V125/125G, special design for /125S. Due to the angle of the stay/exclusive design/it can be installed perfectly. Since the genuine reflector is attached in a way that half hides it (complies with safety standards), in addition to the clean look of fenderless, the reflector itself also creates a very sharp impression. It will be a simple and sporty makeover. ■Precautions when installing - Since the genuine rear fender is cut out, it will not be possible to return it to the genuine one.・It may not be possible to install on long wheelbase vehicles. Also, depending on the vehicle height, it may interfere with the tires.・Depending on the vehicle, resonance noise may occur. Attach anti-vibration rubber or sponge if necessary.

Manufacturer: ADIO Brand: ADIO Packing size: 20.1 x 14.9 x 2.9 cm; 164 g Product model number: BK41302
Position: ‎Back
Color: ‎Black
Product weight: ‎164 g
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