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Yukan Address V125 Reinforced Front Spring (K5/K6) uk-019

Yukan Address V125 Reinforced Front Spring (K5/K6) uk-019

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Condition: New

Mirror finish Address V125 Address V125G

Recommended for those who have strengthened their front brakes! The spring rate has been increased to match our reinforced brake caliper, so it is a perfect match! If you strengthen only the brakes, the front fork will quickly bottom out, but here are some countermeasures. It can be used for. The spring side has a mirror finish, reducing friction loss during stroke! Recommended fork oil amount: 95ml on each side, oil level: 103mm Applicable vehicle type: Address V125/G (K5/K6)

Manufacturer: Yukan Brand: Yukan Model name: uk-019 Packing size: 22.2 x 21.8 x 18.2 cm; 599.99 g Product model number: uk-019
Product weight: ‎600 g
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