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Address V125 Half-meat clutch spring (before K7) uk-030

Address V125 Half-meat clutch spring (before K7) uk-030

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Purely made in Japan Address V125 Address V125G

For address V125, the vehicle will not move forward unless the accelerator is opened to 30-40%. Since it connects at the opening above, the engine speed will inevitably increase. The clutch then engages, and at that time the vehicle suddenly moves forward. This is what is commonly referred to as a ``girk'', but the half-meat clutch spring eliminates this. By setting the tension lower than the normal spring rate, the rotation speed at which the clutch engages is lowered, allowing for quick engagement and smooth clutch engagement. During traffic jams, the vehicle slows down, but the jerky feeling when making small accelerator operations is eliminated, making driving easier. Plus, since the clutch is connected even when the accelerator opening is small, the car body's response to the accelerator is also better. Target car type: K5/K6/K7

Manufacturer: ‎Yurukan
Brand: ‎Yurukan
Model name: uk-030
Package size: ‎11.5 x 8.5 x 1 cm; 20 g
Item model number: ‎uk-030
Item weight: ‎20 g
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