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ACTIVE General purpose throttle kit TYPE-3: T gold (winding φ40/plated metal fittings 800mm) *For TMR cab 1067201

ACTIVE General purpose throttle kit TYPE-3: T gold (winding φ40/plated metal fittings 800mm) *For TMR cab 1067201

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●Holder type: TYPE-3 (split type thin/thickness 17.5mm)
●Holder color: T gold
●Inner pipe winding diameter: φ40
●Throttle wire: Plated metal fittings/800mm

●A general-purpose throttle kit that allows you to control the accelerator opening to your liking. A product exclusively for simultaneous installation with the ACTIVE TMR carburetor kit. Choose from 3 types of throttle holders (4 colors each), 6 types of inner pipe diameters (4 types for TYPE-2 only), and various throttle wires. ●``TYPE-3'' is a throttle holder type that pursues thinness (thickness 17.5mm) even though it is a split type. Available in 4 colors: black/silver/gunmetal/T gold. The ACTIVE throttle kit allows you to select the diameter of your preference from 6 sizes of inner pipes (4 sizes for TYPE-2) to make detailed settings for accelerator operation, which is the key to ease of riding. Improved control performance and lighter operability. You can have a larger take-up diameter = narrower the throttle opening and instant wide open with less wrist movements, or conversely, you can have a smaller take-up diameter = widen the opening and get more delicate control performance! Your style! Get the right throttle. Also, since it is independent from the switch box, maintainability is improved! In addition to general-purpose kits that can be selected according to the customized vehicle model, we also have a lineup of affordable vehicle-specific kits and ACTIVE TMR carburetor kits! All kits include super bikes. A grip is included. Precautions for Use ●Before purchasing the product, please be sure to refer to the manufacturer's website and catalog to confirm compatibility and specifications. The installation method may differ depending on the vehicle, installation method, and condition. ●Image is for illustrative purposes only. Detailed specifications are subject to change without notice due to improvements. ●Cannot be installed on TDMR carburetor.

Manufacturer: ‎ACTIVE
Brand: ‎ACTIVE
Package size: 23.1 x 14.9 x 7 cm; 491.99 g
Product model number: ‎ 1067201
Color: ‎T Gold
Product weight: ‎492 g
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