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Absolute High Efficiency Halogen Bulb <Titanium Coated Purple> H4 60/55W 4800K HB48H4 Light

Absolute High Efficiency Halogen Bulb <Titanium Coated Purple> H4 60/55W 4800K HB48H4 Light

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Condition: New

●Rating: 12V 60/55W
●Valve type: H4
●Designed specifically for motorcycles Highly earthquake resistant specifications・Compatible with resin lenses・Compatible with vehicle inspection・No relay harness required

●Highly efficient halogen bulb that emits more light than normal halogen bulbs. Vehicles equipped with Absolute's high-efficiency halogen bulbs have completed the Paris-Dakar Rally without trouble for three consecutive years, proving their high durability! Adopts extremely thick inner reeds and quartz glass that is resistant to vibration and does not break easily. It incorporates features that greatly extend the life of the valve. is a popular color with a slight purple tinge that can create a custom feel. Precautions for use ●This product cannot be used if the vehicle's headlights are yellow (the same applies if the light lens is yellow, or if there is a yellow coating or a yellow cap inside the light). ●This product is designed to have a color temperature within the vehicle inspection range, but if the inspection is performed visually by an inspector, the inspector may reject the product. ●Image is for illustrative purposes only. Actual product and color may look slightly different. Please note. ●Please be sure to check the product specifications and compatibility on the manufacturer's website before purchasing.

Manufacturer: ‎Absolute
Brand: ‎Absolute
Packing size: ‎11.4 x 6 x 6 cm; 45.36 g
Product model number: ‎HB48H4
Position: ‎Unknown
Number of bolts: ‎12 volts
Color: ‎Purple
Product weight: ‎45.4 g
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