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(AB01-6P) Alpine X8 Back Camera External Navigation Conversion Kit

(AB01-6P) Alpine X8 Back Camera External Navigation Conversion Kit

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Alpine X8 Back camera external navigation conversion kit

●Alpine genuine cameras used in Alpine car navigation systems can be used with other companies' navigation systems. The camera connector on the back side of the navigation system is a type with a 6P (pin) square connector. ●The camera input of commercially available car navigation systems manufactured by other companies can be used with models that can be used with RCA pin jack input. ●Alpine genuine camera voltage is also output from the built-in IC. ●It's very compact, so you don't have to worry about where to put it when installing the navigation system. ●When backing up, the car navigation monitor automatically switches to the camera image, which is very convenient. ●1 year warranty! Caution (Disclaimer) > Please read [Disclaimer] When installing or processing this product, please do so at your own risk. Also, please note that we cannot be held responsible for any malfunction or damage to the navigation or electrical equipment, or any malfunction to the vehicle due to the installation of this product.

Manufacturer: SOUND OFF Brand: SOUND OFF Model name: AB01-6P-033 Packing size: 22 x 15 x 1 cm; 20 g
Product model number: ‎AB01-6P-033
Product weight: ‎20 g
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