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RK Drive Chain 530MS 110L Clip Joint Steel

RK Drive Chain 530MS 110L Clip Joint Steel

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seal chain

●Uses pins, solid bushes, and rollers made of hard steel. Although it is non-sealed, it is a next-generation non-sealed chain that achieves a smooth drive unlike anything before, and exhibits strength and durability that are far superior to cheap products. Precautions for use ●Installation on the vehicle body should be performed by a mechanic with advanced technology and knowledge. ●Vehicles whose output and displacement have been increased through modification etc. cannot be guaranteed even if the displacement is within the specified displacement. ●Please maintain the chain by applying oil compatible with your chain every 500km.

Manufacturer: ‎RK
Brand: ‎RK EXCEL
Model name: ‎530MS-110L
Packing size: ‎26.3 x 12.3 x 2.8 cm; 1.91 kg
Product model number: ‎530MS
Discontinued by manufacturer: ‎No
Color: ‎STD/Steel
Certification: ‎Delivery note required
Product weight: ‎ 1.91 kilograms
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