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5ZIGEN Muffler BORDER-S+ R2 [CBA-RC1] [H16/6~H17/11] Center Double BCSU1001

5ZIGEN Muffler BORDER-S+ R2 [CBA-RC1] [H16/6~H17/11] Center Double BCSU1001

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BORDER-S+ 42.7Φ 86x63(OV) Center Double Center Double

The Border S series is available in round and oval types to match the bumper shape. Both series use a pan-tang structure at the tail end, paying attention to even the most inconspicuous parts. Precautions for use: Please be sure to check the manufacturer's website etc. before ordering regarding compatibility with your vehicle.

Manufacturer: 5zigen
Brand: 5zigen
Model name: BCSU1001
Package size: 80 x 40 x 40 cm; 5 kg
Product model number: ‎BCSU1001
Product weight: ‎5 Kilograms
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