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Nichido cord reel rainproof type FW-303

Nichido cord reel rainproof type FW-303

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Wire specifications (wire type x thickness x core): VCT2.0 x 2 Wire allowable current: 22A Number of outlets: 3 Outlet specifications: 2P, 15A, 125V No ground

●It is rainproof, so you can use it safely even on rainy days or in humid places. ●The rainproof cap is spring type. ●Electric wire: VCT2.0 x 2 cores x 30m. ●Number of outlets: 3. ●Outlet specifications: 2P, 15A, 125V. ●Size: (H) 363 x 290 x 210mm. ●Mass: 7.0kg. ●Make sure to use waterproof plugs for connected devices. ●Indoor type

Manufacturer: Nichido Kogyo
Part number: FW-303
Product weight: 7 Kilograms
Package size: 36.8 x 30.4 x 24.2 cm; 7 kg
Color: ‎Mixed color
Style: ‎Single arm
Material: ‎Metal
Installation method: ‎Free standing
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