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KNIPEX 6462-120 Electronics End Cutting Nipper

KNIPEX 6462-120 Electronics End Cutting Nipper

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Cutting capacity (mm) Hard wire: - Cutting capacity (mm) Steel wire: - Cutting capacity (mm) Copper wire: 0.6 Total length (mm): 120 Spring: Yes Tip length (mm): 5.0 Width of joint part (mm): 9.5 ● Thickness of joint part (mm): 6.0 ● With spring ● 6401-115 electronics end cutting nipper ● Hardened chrome vanadium steel ● Grip: Comfort

●High-precision nippers ideal for cutting work related to extremely precise electronics and precision equipment. ●The joint is a precision 3-piece joint (box joint).●It comes with a double open spring that creates less resistance, so there is no need to open the mouth when repeatedly working. ●The hardness of the blade is approximately HRC56. ●Material is special tool steel that has been oil quenched and tempered. ●The type with head finish "2" is anti-rust treated by polishing with high-grade oil, so the plating will not peel off from the tool and have no adverse effect on the circuit. ●Head finish: Mirror finish ●Handle specifications: Comfort ●Style: Small head diagonal cutter with 65° angle. The cut surface is small umbrella-shaped. ● Cutting capacity (soft wire; φmm): 0.6 ● Length (mm): 120 ● Mass (g): 70 ● Tip length (mm): 18.5 ● Width of joint part (mm): 9.5 ● Thickness of joint part Size (mm): 6 ●Blade width (mm): 5 *The comfort handle (this product) is not insulated. Caution

Manufacturer: KNIPEX Brand: KNIPEX Model name: 6462-120 Product size: 12.5 x 5 x 1.7 cm; 70 g Batteries: 1 unknown battery Product model Number: 64 62 120
Discontinued by the manufacturer: No
Product dimensions: Depth x Width x Height: 12.5 x 5 x 1.7 cm
Year: 2012
>Product weight: 70 g
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