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YAMAHA Side Case R Q5K-YSK-085-P04

YAMAHA Side Case R Q5K-YSK-085-P04

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Condition: New

MT-09 TRACER for right side

Product introduction: A hard-sided case with a flat outside and limited width, making it easy to use around town. Sold as one side at a time. Front and rear length approx.: 550 x height approx.: 370 x width approx.: 270 mm. For installation, side case support stay (Q5K-YSK-085-P05), side case bracket rubber (Q5K-YSK-078-P06), and spare key set (Q5K-YSK-078-P13) are required. Contents capacity: Approximately 22L per side Maximum load capacity: 5kg Applicable model: MT-09 Tracer (2SC8) 2015 model Precautions for use Cannot be installed at the same time as the top case.

Manufacturer: ‎Yamaha Motors (Yamaha)
Brand: ‎Yamaha Motors (Yamaha)
Model name: ‎Q5K-YSK-085-P04
Product size: 50.01 x 50.01 x 35 cm; 5 kg
Product model number: Q5K-YSK-085-P04
Product dimensions Depth x Width x Height: 50 x 50 x 35 cm
Product dimensions Weight: ‎5 Kilograms
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