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KOITO [Koito Seisakusho] Set of 3 LED small boat lights White light, side light (green/red) Body color: White ML-SET-W

KOITO [Koito Seisakusho] Set of 3 LED small boat lights White light, side light (green/red) Body color: White ML-SET-W

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Condition: New

Body color: White, Applicable vessels: Pleasure boats/fishing boats, Description: 2nd class white light MLA-4AB2 x 1, 2nd class sidelight (green) MLR-4AB2 x 1, 2nd class sidelight (red) MLL -4AB2×1

■High quality and low price High quality design based on 40 years of experience and low price realized by adopting automatic assembly line ■Improved safety Improved visibility from a distance by using high luminous flux LED and specially designed optical lens ■ Improved design Achieved compactness, with a lineup of white and metallic silver that fit perfectly on the hull ■Improved weather and corrosion resistance Lenses do not deteriorate (discolor) and are made of highly transparent acrylic resin ■Improved dustproof/waterproof lenses is ultrasonically welded to ensure airtightness (Protection class: IP56) ■ Mounting compatibility Easy installation The mounting pitch is the same as the conventional product (*1), allowing easy installation with attachments ■ Long life, power saving High efficiency and long life Adopts LED to reduce power consumption (LED element life: 40,000 hours, power consumption: 1/10 *2) *1: Excluding "Class 2 three-color lamp and Class 2 white lamp". *2: Reduction rate varies depending on our light bulb ratio and type of boat light. [Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism type approved product] [Japan Small Boat Inspection Organization certified product] ●The ship light is a “ship light and navigation signal light” revised on January 1, 2009 (mandatory application on January 1, 2014). This product complies with the "Type Approval Test Standards". ●After January 1, 2014, when installing boat lights, including repairs and replacements, please use this product (a product that complies with the new regulations). However, if you only need to replace the bulb, you can continue to use the conventional product. ●Please note that the figure "Mounting position" shows the entire lineup to explain the mounting position. Precautions for use *Class 2 tricolor lights and Class 2 white lights apply to sailing vessels with a total length of less than 12m. *Two Class 2 Red Lanterns are required. (Excluding those with a total length of less than 12m) Also, please do not use it for any other purpose, as it is displayed when there is no operational inconvenience. *Class 2 Red Lights are bulb replaceable, so please be careful not to let the bulbs go off. When replacing the light bulb, please use our repair light bulb specifically designed for boat lights. ●In order to always use and install this product in the best condition, please be sure to read the "Instruction Manual" that comes with the product carefully and understand its contents before using it correctly. After installation, perform regular inspections, and be especially careful if the LED does not light up. ●Please note that navigating with a dirty lens is dangerous and may result in insufficient functionality. ●If the LED of the boat light does not light up or is damaged, the ASSY will be replaced. ●Please note that the specifications and production of this product are subject to change or discontinuation without prior notice. ※The photograph is an image.

Manufacturer: KOITO
Brand: KOITO
Model name: ML-SET-W
Package size: 34 x 13 x 12 cm; 820 g
Item model number: ‎ML-SET-W
Color: ‎Green
Item weight: ‎820 g
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