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i-gotU GT-600B GPS Logger for Tracking Route Confirmation Walk Pet Car Driving Record Wireless Smart Tracking Function

i-gotU GT-600B GPS Logger for Tracking Route Confirmation Walk Pet Car Driving Record Wireless Smart Tracking Function

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[Successor to GT-600] The standard GPS logger, i-gotU GT-600, has evolved to be compatible with both PCs and smartphones! The GPS antenna has also been upgraded and is now available! [Can be used for a variety of purposes] Not only can it be used for traveling, walking, and managing the running of cars, motorcycles, and bicycles, but it can also be used to study the behavior of small animals, and by attaching it to the collar or jacket of a pet such as a dog or cat, you can grasp the range of movement. i-gotU is lightweight and compact, so it can be used for a variety of purposes. It also has a "schedule function" that operates at set times. *This product does not have a function as a GPS data transmission terminal. By recording (logging) your actions on the main unit and connecting it to a PC or smartphone, your action records will be converted into data and saved. [Smart Tracking Function] When the movement speed slows down, the tracking interval is lengthened to reduce power and memory consumption. Convenient for cars, bicycles, and biological research observations. [Motion sensor function] GT-600B is equipped with a motion sensor. Tracking log acquisition is temporarily stopped when stopped for a certain period of time (approximately 90 seconds). When it starts moving again, we will start collecting tracking logs. Therefore, it does not consume unnecessary log memory and contributes to reducing power consumption! [i-gotU GPS app can be used on PC and smartphone] It can be used on Windows PC, iOS, and Android OS. Smartphone linkage is wireless, PC linkage is USB or wireless ♪ Movement records (track data) acquired by devices are linked via USB connection or wirelessly. *Cooperation distance approximately 20m [Precautions for use] 1. Real-time tracking is not possible with this product. Wireless communication is within 10m. 2.When using this product, a computer with Windows OS is required. 3. By default, logs are saved every 3 seconds. If the memory is full, it will not work even if there is a charge left. *Settings can be changed. Please check the manual for details. [Log data saved on @trip PC can be carried over to i-gotU GPS] Track data saved on @trip can be carried over by outputting GPX file! Log data output from previous models GT-120 and GT-600 can be imported to i-gotU GPS, making it easy to transfer data from GT-120 and GT-600 users♪ Also, it can be transferred to smartphones and PCs. Downloaded log data can now be shared via GPX output. [System Requirements] Mandatory Requirements: Computer with Windows OS: 11, 10, 8.1, 8 Supported Requirements: iOS: iOS 12 or above, Android OS: 7 or above *Windows OS computer is required for firmware update [Dedicated software application] Windows App: ■i-gotU GPS (download from dedicated site) ■iPhone: i-gotU GPS APP (download from APP store) ■Android i-gotU GPS APP (download from Google play store) [Product contents] GT-600B body , USB 2.0 cable for data transfer/charging (cable length: 30cm), silicone cover (attached to the main unit) software, smartphone app, and PC user guide manual (Japanese version) are available for download. The user guide for the smartphone app is located within the app.

Compatible models: ‎PC, smartphone
Battery included: ‎Yes
Uses batteries: ‎Yes
Brand name: ‎i- gotU
Manufacturer: ‎i-gotU
Product model number: ‎GT-600B
Other Features: ‎Travel, wireless, lightweight
Package size: ‎14.9 x 8.8 x 2.2 cm; 20 g
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