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Unica UR21 Core Drill Dry Diamond Straight Shank UR21-D038ST

Unica UR21 Core Drill Dry Diamond Straight Shank UR21-D038ST

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Diameter: 38mm Effective length: 170mm Center pin: URCP-230 Compatible motor: Electric drill/vibration drill (rotation mode) Main work materials: Reinforced concrete, hard siding board, resin-based artificial marble, mortar Features: Waterproof Drills into reinforced concrete (cutting up to 3 minutes) without using it! Feature 2: Center pin method, cutting using only rotational force greatly reduces vibration and noise! ​​Shank: Straight shank

●Manufacturer: Unica ●Model number: UR21-D038ST ●Product name: Multifunctional core drill set ●UR21 D series dry diamond ●For rotation only ●Shank shape: Straight shank 10mm/13mm ●Aperture (mm): 38 ●Overall length (mm): 300 ●Effective length (mm): 170 ●Compatible electric motor: Electric drill, vibration drill (rotation mode) ●Work material/Ideal for: reinforced concrete, hard siding board, resin-based artificial marble, mortar/Suitable for: soft siding board, block/brick , porcelain tile, stone *Please use porcelain tile and stone while cooling the cutting edge. ● Set contents: Dry diamond body (UR21-D038B), guide plate (GP-D38), center pin (URCP-230), shank assembly (UR25/55FST) [Applications] ● Water supply and drainage [Note] * Sufficient curing period Please note that the cutting edge may wear quickly when working with concrete that has not undergone a certain period of time. *If used in vibration/impact mode, the cutting edge may fall off or cause other problems, so please be sure to use it in rotation mode. *Please be careful not to violently insert/remove the tool during drilling (the cutting edge collides with the bottom or wall of the hole) or tilting the tool excessively as this may cause problems. *Please be sure to use this product dry. Using wet or near-wet conditions on materials other than tiles and stone will not only shorten the lifespan, but may also reduce work efficiency.

Brand: ‎unika
Product model number: ‎UR21-D038ST
Package size: ‎34.4 x 5.3 x 5.3 cm; 780 g
Material: ‎Diamond
br>Product weight: 780 g
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