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RIDEA Handlebar End Short Type Color: Blue SSB-1C-16-BE

RIDEA Handlebar End Short Type Color: Blue SSB-1C-16-BE

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Condition: New

Compatible models: YAMAHA, YZF-R125, MAJESTYS(SMAX), Magzam, Grand Majesty 250, Grand Majesty 400, T-MAX500 2004-2011, T-MAX530 2012-2018, FZ6 2004-2010, FZ6R 2009-2015, MT- 07 2014-2017, XSR700 2016-2018

■Compatible models YAMAHA YZF-R125 MAJESTYS (SMAX) Magzam Grand Majesty 250 Grand Majesty 400 T-MAX500 2004-2011 T-MAX530 2012-2018 FZ6 2004-2010 FZ6R 2009-2015 MT-07 2014-2017 XSR700 2 016-2018 MT- 09 2014-2017 XSR900 2016-2018 FZ1 (North America) 2001-2015 FZ1 FAZER (Japan) 2006-2015 XJR1200 1994-1996 XJR1300 1998-2015 ■ ●An anti-vibration type bar end with built-in stainless steel weight. ●The heavy stainless steel weight has a vibration suppression effect, suppressing unpleasant vibrations during driving. ●The rotating structure reduces the impact in the event of a fall. ●Aluminum cover and POM cover, which may be damaged when falling, can be purchased separately. ●The aluminum cover is machined from high-strength aluminum alloy material (A6061-T6), and has an alumite finish that prevents surface discoloration and corrosion and improves wear resistance to maintain its beautiful appearance for a long time. ■Notes *The installation photo is for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the product color. *The color of the image and the actual color may appear slightly different due to monitor settings, etc. *The price and specifications of this product are subject to change without notice.

Manufacturer: ‎RIDEA
Brand: ‎Ridea
Model name: ‎SSB-1C-16-BE
Packing size: ‎14.3 x 8.2 x 4.9 cm ; 330 g
Product model number: ‎SSB-1C-16-BE
Color: ‎Blue
Product weight: ‎330 g
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