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MONSTER SPORT street brake pad type-e front for Swift Sport [ZC31S] and others 411120-4650M

MONSTER SPORT street brake pad type-e front for Swift Sport [ZC31S] and others 411120-4650M

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[Compatible models] Swift Sport [ZC31S] Swift [ZC11S/21S/71S, ZD11S/21S] Swift [ZC/ZD72S / rear drum car] [Compatible models 2] Solio [MA15S] Delica D:2 [MB15S] * Brake pads are for one car each.

We are particular about providing more solid performance and pedal rigidity than the genuine pads, and we also place emphasis on using raw materials that are kind to people and the environment. In addition, we have reduced the noise and brake dust that bother you during daily driving, and we have also reduced the price. ■Easy to Drive We aimed for a brake that is more effective than the normal one and easier to handle. You won't get stuck brakes like you would with a sports pad. Furthermore, we have reduced the "squeal" that makes people pay attention to their surroundings. *This does not mean that there is no sound at all. The squeal may occur depending on the contact between the brake pad and disc and the driving conditions. This may especially occur when the pads are cold (such as in the morning) or after strenuous driving. ■Easy to Cleaning Developed to produce less brake dust and a color that is less noticeable. The wheels don't get dirty easily, so it's perfect for those who like to dress up. ■Easy to Buy Covers many car models and has a low price setting. Why not try using Type-E pads instead of the genuine pads when replacing them during vehicle inspections and inspections? ■Ecology We have eliminated as much as possible not only substances harmful to the human body such as asbestos, but also substances harmful to the environment. . [Compatible models] Swift Sport [ZC31S/05.9~/M16A/FF] Swift [ZC11S, ZC21S, ZC71S, ZD11S, ZD21S/04.11~/M13A, M15A, K12B/FF, 4WD] Swift [ZC72S, ZD72S/10.9~/ K12B/FF, 4WD/Rear drum vehicle] Solio [MA15S/11.01~/K12B/FF, 4WD] Delica D:2 [MB15S/11.03~/K12B/FF, 4WD] *Brake pads are for 1 car each. [Product specifications] Material: Non-steel material Operating temperature range: Room temperature to 400 degrees Before purchasing, please check the model, year, prime mover, transmission, drive system, grade, etc. of the vehicle equipped with it, and check the official website ( Please check if your vehicle is compatible at [Please check the page below for detailed information] ■ Precautions for use *Photos are for illustrative purposes only. The shape may differ from the actual product. Attention (Disclaimer) > Please read - See more

Manufacturer: ‎Monster Sport
Brand: ‎Monster Sport
Model name: ‎411120-4650M
Product size: ‎6.5 x 8.5 x 15.9 cm; 1 kg
Product model number: ‎411120-4650M
Position: ‎Back
Product dimensions: Depth x Width x Height : 6.5 x 8.5 x 15.9 cm
Color: Red
Year: 2011
Certification: Please contact us if you have any questions
Item weight: 1 Kilograms
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