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Meltec Automotive Large Capacity Sine Wave Inverter Quiet Type Rated 1000W AC100V x 3 Ports USB: 2.4A x 1 Port MeltecPlus MPS-1000 Connection Booster Cord with Remote Switch

Meltec Automotive Large Capacity Sine Wave Inverter Quiet Type Rated 1000W AC100V x 3 Ports USB: 2.4A x 1 Port MeltecPlus MPS-1000 Connection Booster Cord with Remote Switch

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●Input voltage: DC12V●Output voltage: AC100V (AC outlet x 3 outlets)●Rated output: 1000W (total of 3 outlets)●Maximum instantaneous output: 2000W●Output frequency: 50Hz/60Hz±1Hz (selector switch) ● Output waveform: Sine wave ●Conversion efficiency: 80% ●Standby current: 300mA (when power switch is ON)/60mA (when turned OFF with remote switch) ●Low voltage/overvoltage cutoff: 10V/16V ●Protection function: Low Voltage/overvoltage/overload/temperature protection (output cut) ●USB output: DC5V/2.4A (A type) ●Accessories: Battery cord (1 each positive and negative)・Remote switch ●Battery connection cord: Approx. 1m ( 25m㎡)・Round terminal φ10 ●Remote switch: Size: Approx. 46 (W) x 15 (H) x 50 (D) mm / Cord: Approx. 6 m ●Fuse capacity: 6 25A flat fuses (directly attached to the board) ● Working temperature: 0~40℃●Body size: approx. 150(W) x 103(H) x 320(D)mm●Weight: approx. 2.7kg●Warranty period: 1 year from the date of purchase (excluding consumables) )

●Sine waveform ideal for precision equipment and microcomputer-controlled home appliances! ●Large capacity of 1000W, can be used for a variety of purposes! ●Emergency power supply during power outages! ●Comes with a remote switch so you can operate the switch from a distance Can be turned on and off ● Comes with 4 types of safe and secure protection functions Precautions for use ● Please read and understand the instruction manual carefully before using this product. The instruction manual contains important information. ●Do not use this product in direct sunlight or near heating equipment or other heat-generating elements. Doing so may cause overheating, ignition, decreased performance, or damage to the main unit, as well as malfunction of the equipment used. ●Do not disassemble or modify this product. Doing so may cause overheating, fire, electric shock, or injury. ●Please use this product within the range of 0℃ to 40℃. Use outside the temperature range may reduce performance, cause overheating, electric shock, or damage. ●If you turn the remote switch to OFF, the standby current will drain the battery, so if you will not be using it for more than 24 hours, please turn the power switch to OFF. This may cause the battery to run out. ●If any abnormality occurs while using this product, please stop using it immediately and contact your retailer or our company. Safety Warning ●Do not use this product for purposes other than those specified. ●Cannot be used for commercial or medical equipment. This product does not comply with the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law. ●The input power voltage of this product is DC12V. Do not connect to any power source other than DC12V. Doing so may cause overheating, ignition, or damage to this product and connected equipment. ●Please be careful not to let children/infants come into contact with it. Doing so may cause electric shock or injury. ●This product is not waterproof or drip-proof. Do not use in extremely humid locations or locations exposed to moisture such as rain, snow, or seawater. Do not use in locations exposed to electrical leakage or moisture such as seawater. Doing so may cause electrical leakage, electric shock, or malfunction. ●The main unit and battery connection cord may become hot during or immediately after use. Please be careful not to get burned. ●Please strictly follow the usage instructions in the instruction manual. Read more

Manufacturer: Meltec
Brand: Meltec
Model name: MPS-1000
Package size: 35.4 x 20 x 16 cm; 2.7 kg
Product model number: ‎MPS-1000
Sound pressure level: ‎1000 Watts
Certification: ‎Due to product defects
Product weight: ‎2.7 Kilograms
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