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Daytona Motorcycle Radar Detector Laser Type Orbis Compatible Waterproof Bluetooth MOTO GPS LASER 25674

Daytona Motorcycle Radar Detector Laser Type Orbis Compatible Waterproof Bluetooth MOTO GPS LASER 25674

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Compatible with the new laser-type Orbis Waterproof specification that can withstand sudden rain The latest data can be downloaded for free Compatible with USB power supply (no built-in battery) Connection may not be possible with intercoms from other companies (LEXIN B4FM (It has been confirmed that the connection cannot be made.)

A radar detector compatible with the new laser type Orbis. By using a separate type laser receiver, positioning accuracy is greatly improved.・Supports new laser reception ・Supports mobile small Orbis double ・Supports radar wave identification ・Number of satellites that can be received: 88 ・Glonass/Galileo & fastest GPS positioning ・For DC5V only [Waterproof specification] Can be used even in sudden rain while touring. Both the radar detector itself and the laser receiving unit have a waterproof design equivalent to IPX7. [Up to 9 items can be displayed on screen] 2-split display and display OFF are also possible.・Digital clock ・Speed ​​・Radar scan ・Altitude ・Driving time ・Compass ・Bank angle display ・Midometer ・Oil maintenance [Latest data free download update] No annual membership fee / membership fee / update fee, all data can be updated for free Masu. Old data is useless. Download the latest data for free and support the newly established Orbis. 1. Download update data from the Daytona website using a commercially available microSDHC card. 2. Perform an update operation on the radar detector itself. [Product specifications] Power supply voltage: DC5V Dedicated maximum current consumption: 450mA or less Reception method: Parallel 33 channels Double superheterodyne Positioning update time: Minimum 0.5 seconds Detection method: FM tracking time count method Operating temperature range: -10℃~60℃ compatible SD Card: microSDHC card 32GB or less Body size (excluding protrusions): Width 103 x Height 57 x Depth 24 (mm) Receiver size: Width 38.8 x Height 27.4 x Depth 49.8 (mm) Liquid crystal display: 2.4 inch TFT display area : Width 49 x Height 36.7 (mm) Weight: Body 116g / Laser receiver unit 45g (cable included) Motorcycle stay mounting pitch: Long side 38mm / Short side 30.5mm [Bluetooth] Profile: HFP version: 5.0 Transmission output: Class 2 Authentication code: 0000 Device name: MOTO GPS LASER [Receiving frequency]・GPS receiver>1575.42MHz, 1598.0625~1605.375MHz)・X band (10.525GHz)・K band (24.100GHz)・Enforcement communication radio (350.1MHz) - Car locator system (407MHz band) - Digital radio (159~160MHz band) - Police radio (347MHz band, 361MHz band) - W.I.D.E (wide) radio (336~338MHz band) - Police helicopter radio (340~372MHz band) )・ Fire helicopter radio (382~383MHz band)・ Special small enforcement radio (422MHz band)・ Wrecker radio (154MHz band, 465~468MHz band)・ New emergency radio (371MHz band)・ Fire department radio (150MHz band, 466MHz band) - High-speed vehicle radio (383MHz band) - Police activity radio (162MHz band) - Security radio (468MHz band) - Taxi radio (458~459MHz band, 467MHz band) * The mounting stay for the radar body and laser receiving unit is sold separately. . *When using, a USB port (Type-A with output 5V 1.0A or higher) and a dedicated 12V power cable (model number: 21501) are required in the vehicle. *When updating data, please purchase and use a commercially available microSDHC card (32GB or less). *Connection may not be possible with intercoms from other companies. (It has been confirmed that LEXIN B4FM cannot be connected)

Compatible models: ‎Camera
Battery usage: ‎No
Brand name: ‎Daytona
Manufacturer : ‎Daytona
Product model number: ‎25674
Accessories: ‎None
Display type: ‎LCD
Package size: ‎21.8 x 16.7 x 7.5 cm; 400 g
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