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Cool air intake cone filter for motor bleeder filter motor motor universal

Cool air intake cone filter for motor bleeder filter motor motor universal

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Motorcycle oil filter filter assembly reliably seals pressure applications to trap contaminants before they enter the fuel delivery system, improving engine performance. Motorcycle Air Filter: Metal, Rubber Motorcycle Air Filter Easy to install and can be firmly fixed to the vehicle pipe. Ideal for motorcycle engine fuel filters, end-synthetic motor oil filter design and provides oil flow. Motorcycle Fuel Filter Designed to improve throttle response and add horsepower, air filters increase air flow to the engine.

Motorcycle air filters filter dust and sand particles from the air, ensuring that sufficient and clean air enters the cylinders. Motor Cold Air Intake Cone Filter Motorcycle Air Filter Universal VR - Motorcycle Air Filter 60mm 55mm 54mm 51mm 50mm No modifications required to universal system. Airflow with superior filtration. Maintenance interval; up to 80,000 km before cleaning is required, depending on road usage. It catches dust better than a filter soaked in oil and runs DRY. Material and Color Metallic Material Package Includes 1x Air Filter Kit Motorcycle Filter, Before purchasing this product, please make sure it is suitable for your vehicle year.

Manufacturer: ‎DOUKI-01
Brand: ‎DOUKI
Model name: ‎DOUKI-01
Item weight: ‎150 g
Manufacturer reference: ‎DOUKI -01
Color: ‎2.35inch 60mm
Product weight: ‎150 g
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